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Laser Hair Removal and Darker Skin

QUESTION – Can laser hair removal be done safely and effectively for individuals with darker or African-American skin? With the right equipment and the proper training, the anwser is yes!

Advances in laser technology have given treatment providers the tools required for safe and effective hair removal treatments on a variety of skin types. Ethnic skin tones and darker-skinned individuals require laser light with long wavelengths and pulse widths, preferably with an Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser such as the Candela GentleYAG used by Bradford Laser Centre.

The GentleYAG laser is able to travel deep underneath the skin in order to reach melanin present in the hair follicle without harming epidermal pigment. This is the most optimal laser for ethnic skin tones. In addition to the 1064nm’s long wavelength, there are several other parameters to work with, including the timing of the laser pulses, the compression of the device and the amount of energy put into the skin. These modifications should be taken into consideration in order to perform the safest treatment with enough administered energy to produce effective results.

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