Laser hair removal can help you get the smooth sexy skin that you’ve always wanted. Imagine not having to tweeze, wax, shave or endure the long, painful hours of electrolysis again!

At Bradford Laser Centre, we provide the highest quality laser hair removal services in the Greater Toronto Area.

utilizing an industry leading medical grade dual wavelength platform; the Candela® GentleMax Pro® Laser. Men and women of all skin types (including tanned) are now able to eliminate unwanted facial and body hair rapidly, safely and effectively with laser hair removal.

The Candela® GentleMax Pro® is the Gold Standard for laser hair removal combining an Alexandrite (755nm) laser with an equally powerful Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser for high performance treatment capabilities  in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, outstanding performance, safety and client satisfaction.

A patented Dynamic Cooling Device is used to cool the surface of the skin during treatments to both maximize effectiveness and minimize client discomfort. The GentleMax Pro® is able to treat all skin types (including tanned) and does extremely well with darker skin types that other machines either have difficulty with or are incapable of treating.

Laser Hair Removal Aurora

A 20/22/24 mm Large Spot Delivery System makes the GentleMax Pro® the fastest dual wavelength hair removal laser in the market.

The GentleMax Pro® can also be used in conjunction with the Zimmer ™ Cryo 5 Chiller device for the reduction of pain associated with laser hair removal treatments.

Typically, approximately 4-8 laser hair removal sessions are required depending on the hair colour and density in the areas to be treated.

Do your research before you select your laser hair removal specialist and remember, all lasers or laser clinics are not created equal. Even if you have darker skin, the GentleMax Pro® laser will provide superior results to VPL or IPL equipment in fewer treatment sessions and without the inherent risk of burning your skin.

Bradford Laser Centre has been providing laser hair removal services since 2008, and is centrally located serving clients in Alliston, Aurora, Beeton, Bond Head, Bradford, Brampton, Holland Landing, Innisfil, Keswick, King, Maple, Mississauga, Newmarket, Orillia, Richmond Hill, Queensville, Sharon, Sutton, Toronto, Tottenham, and Vaughan.

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