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What is Pixel Skin Resurfacing

It is basically the water evaporation caused by the Pixel® Laser that gives the immediate effect of Pixel® laser resurfacing. However its healing response is similar to that of chemical peeling; the only difference between the two is that it comes with a more pronounced outcome.

An added advantage of Pixel® laser resurfacing is that the treatment is practically painless and blood free as the heat energy emitted from the laser seals the skin’s body vessels. In addition to this, as the blood vessels get immediately sealed, there is a reduced risk of infection in Pixel® laser resurfacing when compared to other skin tightening techniques.

Basically, the Pixel® laser creates a stimulatory effect on collagen fiber synthesis. This leads to an increase in the percentage of collagen fibers in the skin, which in turn improves the elasticity of the skin. All this consequently leads to skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles.

Avoid sunlight for a few days.

Besides helping with skin tightening, Pixel® laser resurfacing also has beneficial effects on the skin pigmentation related to aging. Unlike other conventional laser technologies, in case of Pixel® laser, it can be safely used on the skin of not only the face, but also on the skin of neck, chest, hands and arms.

Bradford Laser Centre™ has been providing Pixel® laser skin resurfacing since 2008, and is centrally located serving clients in Alliston, Aurora, Barrie, Beeton, Bond Head, Bradford, Holland Landing, Innisfil, Keswick, King, Maple, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Queensville, Sharon, Sutton,Tottenham and Vaughan.

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