Spa Services

Our spa offers guests a range of treatments in calming and soothing surroundings. Beautifully located within a century home, our spa’s décor blends period architectural influences with contemporary touches and amenities.

Facial Treatments

Our facials provide cleansing, toning, exfoliation and hydration of the skin. Extractions are performed when necessary, followed by High Frequency to heal, disinfect and tone the skin. This is all done in the relaxing and calming atmosphere of our spa.

Back Facial

A soothing back facial treatment can eliminate back acne, back acne scars, impurities and evens out skin tones on the back. This treatment involves deep steaming which helps to open pores and soften skin, followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the back, with extractions performed on clogged pores if necessary. The treatment is finished off with a back massage and a mask.

Salt Glow (Dead Sea Salt)

The Dead Sea Salt Glow Full Body Scrub treatment relies on the use of Dead Sea salt. Dead Sea salt is famous for its therapeutic qualities and its rich revitalizing minerals. This popular treatment will exfoliate dry, dead, flaky skin, remove toxins and leave your entire body glowing and refreshed. The salt naturally exfoliates skin without irritating it, and when combined with our soothing effleurage massage technique after your shower, you will leave you feeling energized from head to toe. 

Body Polish

A deep exfoliation that is great for all skin types that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This treatment will improve the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin, helping to fight cellulite and improve overall skin tone. After  a warm shower, we will apply a Massage Cream in a soothing effleurage.

Salt Glow /Body Polish and Wrap

Slimming and decongestant Body Wrap restores skin tone, elasticity, and aids in treating cellulite. After exfoliating the dead cells, a mask is applied to the entire body and then wrapped in plastic to lock in heat. To keep you comfortable while you rest, a soothing scalp massage is preformed. Following your shower a Massage Cream is applied in soothing strokes.

Cellulite Massage Treatment

Consists of exfoliation with a scrub, detoxifying mask and wrap, followed by a deep tissue massage with cellulite treatment cream. This helps to stimulate the metabolism and circulation and improve overall skin tone.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invsive exfoliation technique that is effective in the treatmentof dull skin, brown spots, and age spots withouth the use of harsh chemicals or uncomfortable treatments. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, bright and full of the youthful, healthy glow that we all desire.

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