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IPL versus Laser Technology

Many people think that all laser hair removal treatments are the same; this couldn’t be further from the truth! Many laser hair removal clinics in the GTA offer IPL treatments which is a less effective hair removal platform and the results often don’t meet with the Client’s expectations. Moreover, the risk of burns is much […]

Laser Hair Removal and Darker Skin

QUESTION – Can laser hair removal be done safely and effectively for individuals with darker or African-American skin? With the right equipment and the proper training, the anwser is yes! Advances in laser technology have given treatment providers the tools required for safe and effective hair removal treatments on a variety of skin types. Ethnic skin tones […]

New Year – New You!

Stop thinking that Laser Hair Removal is out of reach for you and contact Bradford Laser Centre to see  how we can help you see 80-90% permanent hair reduction. Don’t waste your time and money with those gimmicky machines as seen on TV…they don’t work and won’t give you the results that you’re looking for! […]

The Kids are back to school – Time to pamper yourself

September is here and the kids are back to school; time to settle in to your Fall routines! Why not pamper yourself with a Laser Hair Removal Treatment, or Pixel Skin Resurfacing to restore your youthful glow? You deserve to look as beautiful as you feel… Bradford Laser Centre™ has been providing laser hair removal […]

How do I choose the right laser skin clinic?

The Laser – Choose a clinic with the best laser for your skin type. Remember not all lasers can treat tanned or darker skin. The Clinic – Choose a clinic whose main priority is your complete satisfaction with your results. The Laser Operator – The best laser technicians/specialists are those who have the most hands-on […]